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Complete your smile with the right dentures. Say goodbye to missing teeth with our budget-friendly dentures handled by the best in the industry.

Affordable Dentures Boise ID - Keeping Your Smiles Excellent

Our teeth are essential for our day-to-day lives as when we meet people, and we tend to smile to show respect; if you are missing a tooth, or maybe some teeth, it would leave a negative impact on the person you are talking to; it is the same for a job interview. You have to give the best smile every day because it is also a great way to lessen stress. Missing a tooth might be a hindrance in doing so. Plus, you will not be able to chew your teeth properly, giving you poor digestion. Going to our dental clinic will surely solve your concern as we offer Affordable Dentures Boise ID.

Our dentists are highly knowledgeable about providing the suitable denture for our patients, as it comes in various types. We are committed to bringing your smiles back as we have a Great Smiles Dentist, always ready to cater to your oral needs.

Affordable Dentures Boise ID

Which Denture Type Should You Choose?

If you wonder which type would suit you and your budget, our professionals at Affordable Dentures Boise ID will provide you general descriptions of each to give you an idea.

  • Traditional Complete Full Dentures. This type replaces all your teeth with dentures. They are placed on top of your gums. However, it is not put on your teeth immediately as you have to wait for eight to twelve weeks after they are extracted.

  • Partial Dentures. A little similar to complete dentures, this type is used when the patient still has one or a little more teeth left on the upper and lower jaw. The dentures are attached to a pink-colored base and connected to a metal piece; these two parts will keep the denture in the mouth. Also, this type is removable, which means you can take it off when you are not using it or just staying at home. This is good to keep your remaining teeth from moving.

  • Custom Dentures. This variant is made of more expensive materials to produce a natural-looking smile that you can wear anytime. As the name suggests, this denture is customized for your teeth' color and shape to bring your best smile.

  • Immediate Dentures. Unlike the typical dentures you have to wait for a few weeks, this kind is put on your mouth the same day as it was extracted. However, not all people can choose this type freely as it has some requirements.

  • Implant-Supported Dentures. As the name implies, it uses a tooth implant to support the denture. This would make the material fit snugly, giving strong support, so you do not need to worry about it moving out from your mouth while you are talking.

  • Snap-in Dentures. This type is perfect for you if you are after stability as it is supported with either a dental implant or anchors on existing teeth. This is typically used if there are still bones left in the gums to attach the dentures. This is also great as it is removable.

  • Economy Dentures. If you are looking for a low-cost denture type, this variant is perfect for you. They are commonly known as generic dentures. However, you have to be aware that they do not fit comfortably in the mouth, and most of all, people can easily identify that they are not real teeth.

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When you lose a tooth, you would most likely be ashamed to talk, let alone open your mouth. There is no need to be embarrassed as we offer budget-friendly services for you to bring back that smile again. Talk to Affordable Dentures Boise ID experts now and learn which denture is the best for you.

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