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There are some cases your dentist will not be able to resolve your dental concern. Take it to our dental surgeon instead, and we will bring back your dental health in its best shape.

Oral Surgeon Boise ID - For All Your Complicated Dental Concerns

Most of the time, people think that they only need a dentist to deal with all their oral health concerns. However, there are some special cases that a general dentist cannot do as the procedure may require some complicated tasks or a surgical approach. Dentists can help you maintain your oral hygiene as most of their methods are the typical approach, plus minor surgeries. But if the situation has complexity, an oral surgeon can help you out as they have a more complex understanding of the structure of jaws and oral health. Our Oral Surgeon Boise can help your complicated dental issues improve as we have mastered all the necessary approaches, including maxillofacial.

Our dental experts have been treating complicated oral issues across the city and have faced numerous situations. And with our experience in the business, we can surely help your dental health get back in shape.

Oral Surgeon Boise ID

When To Visit Our Oral Surgeon Boise

But when do you need our Oral Surgeon Boise? If you face any of the following situations, it is best to see our experts immediately.

  • Tooth Extractions. Not all tooth extractions are the same; although a general dentist can help you with this, in most cases, there are times when your situation is complicated to handle. This is the primary reason they take your dental x-ray to see if any issues may affect the tooth removal. If all is well, a general dentist will be able to remove it, but when there are contradicting cases, such as when only the root of your tooth is left, a dental surgeon is the best.

  • Dental Implants. After tooth extraction, you might want to replace your lost tooth with a dental implant. Although some people would prefer a dental bridge, many still choose implants over it. Most dentists do not practice this type of surgery as it has a complicated approach. Our surgeon can help you as we have the right tools and expertise in the area, giving your smile back.

  • Jaw Issues. When you feel recurring pain in your jaw, it is better to see our jaw surgeon in Boise as they have more experience handling it. We have specialized training and mastery in dealing with jaw problems. Some could be triggered by poor oral hygiene, and some might be because of an accident.

  • Oral Cancer. Oral surgeons can also help remove tumors or even treat oral cancer. This type of service can be extended to the head and neck, depending on how cancer affects your oral health condition. If the patient has advanced cancer or recurring cancer treatment or removal, it is usually entailed with cancer therapy to increase its effectiveness.

  • Denture Fittings. If it is your first time wearing dentures, it is most likely to have irregularities as it would not be securely fitted for your mouth. An oral surgeon can fix the fitting, making it perfect for you. After the adjustment, you will be able to use it, chew food without worrying that it might fall off your mouth. For long-time denture wearers, the teeth where the dentures are attached deteriorates over time, making them loose and uncomfortable. An oral surgeon can add a bone graft to support the dentures making them more secure.

Contact Our Dental Surgeon

If a general dentist cannot fix the issue, your best approach is to take it to our oral surgeon. But make sure to get your dentist’s approval because they might be able to fix it for you. Nonetheless, talk to our Oral Surgeon Boise to know more about the perfect surgical approach for your dental health.

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